एक टूटी हूई सड़क का सफ़र (A Journey through a Broken Road)


A small city at the feet of the Everest; Nagarkot-Heaven must be this beautiful.

Quite common phrase for anything that looks splendid to the eyes. I am going to share the experience of seeing this little heaven that explains the phrase.

When it comes to travel destinations, two things come to mind. One is oceans and the other is mountains. And there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful travel destinations that are quite famous, and people go there all the time and share experiences online or offline which motivate more and more people to go to those places. I have also been to many such places. Many inside India and some outside India. And one common thing I have noticed at all the destinations is that the less famous places or the small cities, a little far from the destination or a countryside are more beautiful and calming than the famous destinations.

Unlike many people, for me travel is for relaxation. So I try to avoid the chaos of the famous travel destinations; rather I choose a lesser famous or almost unknown to the internet which are not so far from the main city roars, but surprisingly calm and lesser people around , lesser hotels and lesser to explore.

Like uncovering a book page by page, I was uncovering the beauty of Nepal. The preface was Kathmandu. Kathmandu, being a valley and an ultimate travel destination in Nepal is definitely mesmerizing. But I chose to go to a place where the new year excitement had no impact on the local people. They spend their livelihood very peacefully without being bothered by the outer world excitement.


I started for Nagarkot- a small village in central Nepal, at the rim of the Kathmandu Valley. The road was bumpy, muddy, polluted and everything that does not describe it as a road. The steep inclination with the bumpy dangerous road made me doubt my own guts for a moment. But as I said, I wanted to discover the whole book. So, I decided to go forward. The road was so broken that a 27miles of inclination took the bus almost around 6 hours to reach the destination.

Then it took another half hour of walk to the hotel. The name of my hotel was “At The end of the Universe”. And it felt like the end of the universe as well.. The continuous hiking for an hour with grabbing all my luggage just to reach to the hotel made no sense. It was at the end of the little city and the name really felt like justifiable.

The hotel was at the end as well as at the top of the village. The cold was if not unbearable but severe. I was a bit tired while reached at the top of the hotel hiking another 70-80 steps. I had booked a cottage; so, without wasting a moment of time, I went into the cottage to settle myself in.

The image of my cottage

Then suddenly I felt like a spell is being created. I came out of the cottage and there it was. The white-blue snow covered on the top-ocean like body at the bottom-Everest. It is called Sagarmatha in Nepal.

The literal meaning of Sagar is “Sky” in Nepali and Matha is “Head” which combinedly mean as “Goddess of the Sky”. The beautiful Everest which I was seeing in my own eyes at a distance was proving its local name so correctly in every bit.

An old Indian classical music is going on the background. Like raag Bhairavi or Bhopali, a bansuri is being played at its utmost best; some butterflies are circling around flowers on a bright sunny yet pleasant day.

All this were just a feeling that I felt unknowingly while I saw the beauty of the Everest from my hotel “At The End of the Universe”.

I can trade anything just to go through the feeling for a second time.

It would be ungrateful for the beautiful place if I will not say a few words about the people there or about their food. People there wear their own handmade clothes, eat their homegrown food. They do not need the outer world for their needs. Rather the outer world needs the solace of the beauty of that small town. They climb all the way to the hills for their daily needs, do harder physical work than any of us. But they can be trusted with the life. They have the innocence which is completely deprived from the outer world.

The food there-be it a chicken dish or a vegetarian dish or be it just a cup of tea-was delicious. They cook their food in clay pots which give an extra earthly flavor to the food. Even though people from all over the world try to prepare regional/continental cuisines by using all the required things or ingredients, the actual taste of the food can be tasted and enjoyed only at the origin where the dish was invented.

Tea can be prepared all over the world; but the joy of drinking tea in Darjeeling or Nepal or any hill station can give us a hard time describing in simple words. Same thought is applied for their local chicken dishes which are prepared in clay pots, or their rice dishes. An unknown yet innocent, different yet delicious flavor cab be found in their food.

I am not a backpacker, but being at the feet of the Everest, I could not resist my urge to go for a trekking. There is a sunset point around the corner of the small town which locates at a height. One must cross a literal jungle to reach there. I have been born and brought up in a city. Moreover, I am from India so there are people, houses, and vehicles everywhere. I had never seen so less people before. Neither I had been into a real jungle which is in the middle of a settlement. The tall trees aligned with the unbuilt road were giving an impression that they were as high as the great mountain. The sunlight was reaching to the inside of the jungle to the ground so barely. And the sunset was yet another indescribable beauty of that place. Heaven must look like that.

After spending a good three days vacation there, maybe I got a little sense of what the name of the hotel must mean. Seeing that little part of the world; the Nagarkot village, I would not regret if my universe ended there.

An approach to life..

Successful people give advices a lot. About how they succeeded, about how life treated them, about how they overcame with their fears. I feel like it’s easy to give advices when one reaches at the top. Otherwise people judge . They question about your success stories. If you don’t have one, you are not entitled to give lectures.

Well, I’m not quite successful in the social standards. But I lead a peaceful life with whatever I earn . And in that context, I think I’m entitled to share my not so successful stories of the day to day life.

So far, I’ve succeeded to maintain a routine life which used to be my biggest fear. To follow the same routine for more than three days can become quite edgy. To make that a bit thrilling, I listen to music the 1st thing after waking up in the morning. Music has always been the perfect soulmate for me. I cannot say I’m a singer, but I do sing to a good standard. The melancholic music always catches my attention. And what can be better melancholy than the tune of flute as the very 1st thing in the morning.

I’m lucky enough to have a room that has a glass wall which faces towards a balcony. I have resided a bean bag adjacent to the glass wall. At least two beautiful things come with a new day everyday: one is the sunrise and the other is the sunset.Seeing the sunset in a metro city can be a bit tricky given the pollution that comes with the dusk. So I have ensured to wake up early to see the sunrise through the glass wall. A real silhouette with the noise of a bunch of chirping birds and a note of someone playing the flute over the ears can make a time lapse.

So I start my day sitting on the bean bag cross legged ,listening to the flute ,facing towards the rising sun. Sometimes with closed eyes, sometimes with eyes opened. Some might say it meditation; I say it a spell that is a combination of music and the nature. The first time I experimented the same, I lost the track of time. So I usually put an alarm to break the spell. I feel light like a feather the whole day.

I ensure to water my plants regularly. I feel like they know my touch . I feel a connection with them. I feel like I see them growing in front of me and vice versa. I go to work, do my chores like everyone, write something at the end of the day and sleep. To make life more sparkling or less boring, I’ve recently joined a flute learning class. I work out daily to stay healthy or moreover to stay less frustrated.

I check and recheck my bucket list regularly to keep myself going to work with positivity. Arts like writing, learning different instrument, cooking, joining pottery classes keep me a bit colorful and dreamy. This is my way of leading a peaceful life. To stay positive, I approach life with art. Hope this article would help someone who needs positivity in his or her life.

An ecstatic Ooty!!

There are many movie scenes revealing something magical by creating a suspense. The more suspense, the more magical and surprising the next scene is!! Have you ever felt the same feeling for at least a single moment in your life?

Like your eyes are closed and you are fully and totally oblivious about the next thing you are going to see or the next feeling you are going to experience.. You just have no idea how magical or how horrific it is going to be.. Then you open your eyes and there it is!! A different world!! An ecstasy!! The feeling of fumbling for the best fit words that can exactly explain the thing in front of you!!

Well.. I’m lucky enough to experience the same thing at least once in my life. The moment, when I remember it, still gives me goosebumps . I can relive the moment again and again.

We were a four members’ group that arrived late at the night in OOTY that winter. Traveling for more than 12 hours without a rest has made us exhausted. By 8pm, the city was already dead silent. Not a single living thing was seen on the roads of the city. It took us another 45 minutes to find our hotel, then there was no food as according to the people, it was already so very late. The moment we landed in the hotel, all of us have already made up minds to leave the first thing in the morning for our next destination as there was no hope left for us in the city.

The next morning, I was the one to wake up first. It was sharp 7am. I didn’t open the curtains, rather I went outside. Heads down, looking something on my phone, I just walked outside the hotel, not knowing the fact that there is a heaven waiting for me outside. When I looked up casually away from my phone, my breathe skipped for a moment.

There it was!! A beauty that can never be described in any words. The mountains, the green grass beds, the chilled weather, the trees, the birds, the tiny huts.. Everything was just there.. Completing the lost beauty of many places of the outer world, completing the missing lush greenery, completing my breathe!! I was so dumbfounded that I almost forgot about the chilled wind which was freezing me.

A treat to sight

I saw my barefoot and found little dew drops, almost like snow which I almost could hold. When I regained my senses, like everyone else, I took a photo. The very first photo I took was of my feet on the bushy grass. Those little dew drops were starting to fade so I quickly took a photo. Then the next journey is history.. It was a journey to loose oneself into the wonderland of the scenic beauty of Ooty.

The solitary one..

Sitting in the corner, lost in her own world, she is quite happy being alone. She’s quite happy for the ultimate freedom . But then the stereotype love affair is bound to happen at least once in everyone’s life.

So she falls in love. At least that’s what she says to herself. Not good at leaving people, she gives her fully self into that relationship. Even after so much conflicts, she’s still stuck with him. His happy face stops her from leaving, making her forget all the bitterness again and again.

What’s this weird dilemma? What should she do?